Hemp is for More Than Smoking!

Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa, or what we commonly call the marijuana plant. This plant, of course, cannot be legally grown in the U.S., but it is commercially grown in many countries, for many uses. One of its largest uses is the production of oil, both for food use (yes, you can eat it!), and for cosmetics. It is also used to make a good quality paper, sewing material (fabric, thread, string, and rope) , and is even being experimented with as an alternative fuel source. Perhaps the largest advantage to growing Hemp is the fact that the Hemp plant is quick and easy to grow and to harvest. When compared to cotton, the Hemp plant is much more easily managed. It doesn't require pesticides for a healthy crop, doesn't need a warm climate to grow/produce well, and the Hemp needs very little rainfall to grow well. When compared to tree production, the Hemp plant yields eight times more paper producing material than trees on the same amount of land, acre for acre. Then, of course, there is also the fact that the Hemp grows to maturity in 4 months, versus the years that the trees will take. Because Hemp is illegal to grow in the USA, all Hemp materials have to be imported from other countries. We are legally allowed to have the oil and other materials because, once processed, Hemp no longer contains THC, that active property that provides the "high" when marijuana is smoked. So, no, giving your teenager a Hemp tee-shirt or bracelet won't contribute to their delinquency, just like using a Hemp oil cosmetically will not get you high! [Even though my products have been known to cause mood alterations] ! lol Hemp oil contains many proteins, natural fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes, making it a good choice for cooking. As a topical, it is easily absorbed through the skin and leaves your skin feeling very soft without feeling too greasy. Hemp oil is gentle, healing, good for sensitive skin, and protects skin from moisture loss, making it a good choice for lotions, soaps and balms.

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