Some More Food You Can Use

A few weeks back I did a couple of posts on foods that you could use for your beauty care. I inadvertently left the following recipe sitting on my draft board, so here you go, one more! Sage Cucumber Potato Ice Cubes 1/4 small raw potato, peeled 1/2 medium-sized cucumber, peeled 2 Tbs sage infusion, cooled* *to make a sage infusion you take 1/4 cup sage (fresh or dried) and pour 1 cup almost boiling water over it, allow to steep for about 30 min. then strain. Throw out the sage and store the "tea" aka infusion in the refrigerator in a glass jar, covered. This will remain good for about 2 months.* Slice the potato into chunks then mash into pieces in a food processor to get them as fine as possible. Use the food processor to puree the peeled cucumber very briefly. You don't want to over process it. Then strain the excess juice. The whole thing will be runny, but preserve the more pulpy part.Now mix the potato, cucumber and tea together and pour into an empty ice cube tray. Freeze.Next time your eyes are puffy, red and/or sore, pop out one of these ice cubes and place it over the eyes. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes, or you may just dab them on, if leaving it lay on bothers you. When finished, rinse your eyelids off & pat dry. You'll see the difference! The cubes will remain good, in the freezer for 2 months. Also, for another, quicker, easier remedy, you can throw a few slices of cucumber or 2 teaspoons in the freezer before you get into the shower in the morning. After you've gotten out of the shower & dressed, place the frosted spoons or the cucumber slices on your eyelids. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes.The cool of the spoons reduces puffiness, while the cucumber actually possess a natural ingredient that helps to sooth irritated skin.

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