Tripod Thursdays- Babies Make the World Smile!

This past Sunday my Sister had her third child, her first daughter, and I got to visit them on Monday! Little McKenlee Elizabeth is so tiny and sweet! I swear, and if she wasn't enough, I also got to go and see my Grandson that same day! Braidon will be a year old next month. My how time has flown!  

To anyone that is having a rough day, feeling a bit down, or all out blue, I highly recommend holding a baby. I swear I left the hospital feeling pounds lighter. And then, when I walked into my Son's place and that little boy looked up at me and smiled, showing all of his 4 teeth, well that was enough to make me float! Babies, they do your heart good! 

So here are a few pictures from my Monday visiting. I hope they do your heart good too! 


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