What's Happening Wednesday-

What is happening this Wednesday is that I am taking off for a few days! My 50th birthday is tomorrow and I am heading out to begin my celebration! So you will have to forgive me for the short post today and the inclusion of tomorrows' pictures for Tripod Thursday. Now don't feel bad if you want to go ahead and cheat and look at the photos today, since it's my birthday I will allow it! But, if you'd rather play it straight, you can always come back tomorrow and look at them then! At any rate, I will be off until next Make it Yourself Monday, so enjoy the photos and enjoy your weekend!

If you don't want to see the photographs until tomorrow, don't scroll down!

Here is a bit of the Ohio countryside for your enjoyment! 


Mesha said...

Happy Birthday-belated :)

Unique Garden said...

Thanks Mesha! I had a great time, who knew getting old would be such fun! ? Lol