What's Happening Wednesday-Questions you can answer!

It is Hump Day! And that means, What's Happening Wednesday is here!
For me, that means a few things. First of all, I am a Auntie to a newborn, Miss McKenlee was born a week ago Monday, and she is now with her Mum at Grandma's house, eating, sleeping, growing and being loved, while her Mum is recovering from the emergency c-section that McKenlee safely here! For some cutie pie pictures, see here!

I continue to work on my Essential Oil book, but I am a bit overwhelmed with chapters and ideas. I have been asked numerous quetions over the years, and see many of the same ones on forum after forum, so I will be addressing those, but this is where you can help. If there is something that you would like to know about essential oils, either a specific question, or an area that you would like reviewed in greater depth than you have seen in your readings, I would love to hear about it! You can either leave a comment here, or you may feel free to email me at UniqueGardenEssences@gmail.com

I am also wondering if you would prefer one larger, more comprehensive book,  or several, smaller additions at a smaller price each. Because my outline continues to grow as I hit area, after area that I feel need more defined. What began as a basic; this is what they are, this is where they came from, and this is what they do book, is now much more intricate. The teacher in me feels that little of what I have outlined can be dropped, but in practicality, it certainly could be broken out into various additions. There are, after all, over 300 essential oils. If you have a preference, I'd love a short note in comments, a simple long/short will do. if you don't feel like elaborating! 

Thanks for reading along, and I look forward to your input! Tomorrow is tripod Thursday and I am thinking that we need some more scenery pictures! Fun, sun, water......sounds good to me! Friday will be part 3 of the series, Recipes for Relief from the Elements. 

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