What's Happening Wednesday-Updates and New Items

I am excited because I just received two new silicone molds. They are supposed to be for baking treats, but of course they will be for soap! The bar one is a tad narrow, but I think it will be just the right size for camping and shampoo bars. And of course the hearts are just too cute for guest soaps. 

Speaking of soap, I have changed my soap packaging! I would tell you all about it, but then I would have to kill you! Lol. Seriously though, I have gone to a box for my store soaps and they also have a strip of seed paper included, so buyers can plant and grow herbs with each soap purchased.

I am now in the process of planning my holiday soaps and lotion fragrances, as well as some special packaging. I have included a picture of what is called a box basket. These come in two sizes, the small one is pictured here. They come in a variety of prints, from sports to holiday themes. Of course I am ordering some florals, but I am also getting some Christmas boxes for in store placement of gift sets.

                                                     This is orange Clover soap
                                              This is Blackberry, Cedar, and Sage 

                                      This is Kumquat and Lime

This is called 
Splendor in the Grass, it is a proprietary blend 

These are new molds 

This is one of the box baskets that I am getting for gift sets. I don't think I will put the white paper in it though, I think green would look better.

I currently have 50 batches of soap, all different fragrances. About 12 of those are still curing, having several to just a few more weeks until they are ready to go. But the past couple of weeks I have slacked of the soap making and been concentrating more on writing my essential oil book, as well as taking care of some other business obligations. And next month will be very busy, as I will begin making the melting snowmen and glass snowman ornaments. While I have always waited until August, I have so much to accomplish this year, that I have to begin early! 

So there you have what's happening with me this Wednesday, what's going on at your place? Tomorrow's tripod Thursday will be of scenery taken during my 50th birthday celebration. Beautiful river shots, and the Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky country side! 

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