Make it Yourself Monday- Foot Soaks

My eldest Son came to visit this weekend (bringing my sweetie pie Grandson!) and, while out in the barn hunting through boxes of stored stuffed animals and such,  found a practically new foot soak basin. Since he stands on his feet at work all day, he thought that the basin looked like a pain management plan waiting to be implemented. While he may not know what goodies Mom has in her craft room, he for sure knows that Mom has GOOD STUFF. So first thing he did after asking if he could have the basin, was ask if I would whip him up something to put into it that would add to its heat and vibrating pleasure. Of course I couldn't turn him down, so I grabbed a mixing bowl and headed to the ingredient cabinets. I ended up making a nice blend that you can easily whip up for yourself or for your hard working Son.

I mixed some epsom salts with clay and spirulina. Then, to that I added some eucalyptus, wintergreen and lime essential oils. While he may have wondered about the ingredients,  he immediately said that he like the smell and was going to try it as soon as he got home. 
While this mixture would also be great for a full body bath tub soak, the  particular mixture of essential oils that I used are not. So if you want to use it as a bath soak, I suggest switching the EO's. You could try lavender, orange, eucalyptus, chamomile, or a mixture of these.

As for a recipe, try mixing two tablespoons of spirulina, with one half to one cup of kaolin or French green clay, with two to three cups of Epsom salts. As a general rule of thumb you should use no more than 10 drops (total) of essential oils. But if you would like to change it up some, you could take one ounce of your choice of carrier oil (I like sweet almond or olive oil the best), and add 15 drops (total) of your choice of essential oils. Then add a small amount of the oil mixture to either your foot soak or your bathing water. If you decide to add the oil, mix and store the oil mixture separately from the salt and powder portion. This will keep your soak fresh and extend its shelf life.     

Of course there are several ways to utilize foot soaks. You can easily utilize whatever you have growing or dried. Just take two cups of your choice of fresh herbs, or one cup of dried herbs and add to two gallons of near boiling water. Steep the herbs for twenty minutes then strain the liquid and pour it into the foot basin. Make sure that it is not too hot, and soak your feet for twenty minutes, then pat dry and moisturize.  

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