What's Happening Wednesday- Product Development

You may recall some past posts about Christmas at the Cabin, the two plus month long (juried) craft show that I participate in each year. Well I have received my annual letter, informing me of the due date for my products and consequently, setting my next business goal. So now the question becomes, what shall I introduce that is new this year? I always make clay melting snowmen, a variety of ornaments, wreaths, bath and body products, jewelry, and an assortment of holiday decorations. So what can I add? What is this years' big thing going to be? A few years ago the mason jar lights were big. Then there was the lighted glass blocks. And, of course, my melting snowmen were a huge hit when I first began selling at the cabin. While they remain a great seller, I have seen a reduction in numbers over the years. Of course, if I come up with a new item that is in the bath and body department, it will also benefit Unique Garden Essences llc. So that is what I am up to this Wednesday....thinking, searching and calculating about product development.

If you haev any ideas, please feel free to share! I certainly could use some help here, I seem to be old and tired these days, lol. Which means that the first thing I need to do is to open some of my essential oil blends for the mind and body. Energize and balance sound like the appropriate treatments to me! Okay then, I am off to open some bottles and get busy. What's happening with you this Wednesday?

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