What's Happening Wednesday-Holiday Preperations

As you may or may not already know, my computer mother board was fried recently and I have been using a back up dinosaur to get these posts up, check emails and orders. Well, great news! My brand new computer should be here any day now! It was promised to be shipped by the 29th, yet I received notification that it was already on its way. In fact, the new printer has already arrived.
Since this was my second experience with frying a mother board, I switched brands in the hopes that it will improve the longevity of the mother! Lol. Of course, since this was my second experience with the fried mother board, you would think that I would have learned all about "backing up", and would now be sitting pretty all my photographs and files safely on a disc or usb drive.......you may think that, but you'd be wrong! All my label designs, all my book research and even a few chapters (yes, remember that I am writing a book about essential oils), and all of my photographs, as well as  a ton of recipes and saved sites are on that silly computer. So I will now have to pay someone to try and retrieve my information. Of course I have yet to do that for the first computer, but since this one has infinitely more stored in its memory, it will be a sooner, rather than later necessity.  One thing though, I am now an absolute convert to the backing up system. I do solemnly swear to back up on a regular basis from the first day of the new computer use to the last!

Besides the new computer and printer, I spent good portion of today working out what other products will make their way to the Christmas cabin this year. Just a few more weeks and I will be hauling it all over there! So what am I hauling? Besides the usual assortment of wreaths and wooden decorations, I will be taking a lot of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. But this year I will be adding some cute, kitschy earrings too. In that department, small Christmas tree bulbs with bright colors will lead the way. I also will be making and taking [cut out] wood Christmas trees, about 3 feet tall, with the light holes cut out in the wood. These are painted and decorated in various themes.They are very unique and really cute, and they are versatile. They make a nice welcome by the front door, a night-light in the children's room,  or a wonderful decoration for the whole family to enjoy in the living room! I also have some small clear, plastic, ice cubes that are just screaming "Snowmen"! Additionally, I am still making melting snowmen (clay) ornaments, glass ornaments, and some centerpieces, floral and wooden (sleigh stuff always goes well there, and painted sleighs, even better !).
Of course I will also be taking a wide assortment of Unique Garden Essences products. And for the season, I have some really cute containers for gift sets that I can't wait to try out!

And one more project that should be finished within the next two weeks.......my website! I am finally going to open shop on a redesigned website. I am excited to do this, and since it was on my beginning of the year goal list, I can't tell you how pleased I am to be accomplishing it! I now have over 50 different soap scents that are cured and ready to go, and at least five more that will be ready for the holiday/winter season. In fact, I recently created a nice winter lavender blend, one I am calling "Spiced Lavender". It features pure Bulgarian lavender with a nice neroli and spicy under tones. This is another one that you won't find anywhere else because I created it! And since smell-o-vision has not yet been invented, I am currently deciding on a sample option for the web-site. I will, for the time being anyway, keep my etsy shop open. I will be adding some type of "sample" listing to the etsty shop as well, so there is certainly a lot to keep me busy these days!

What's happening in your neck of the woods this Wednesday? Please let me know your questions about essential oils and their use(es), as well as anything that you would like to make sure is included in my essential oil book. I would like to make sure you get as many straight forward answers as possible!

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