Make it Yourself Monday-Fridge photo holders

Happy Labor Day Everyone! 

I hope that you are or will be enjoying good food and great company this holiday. And remember, when you get to work tomorrow you will only have four more days before the weekend! 

Since today is a holiday, the make it yourself lesson will be quick and quick. This project is appropriate for children of all ages, as it can be easily done with minimal adult assistance. It makes a great gift idea for the young crafter too!

You will need pom poms of various colors, white glue, magnet strip (cut into pieces) or you can buy the small circles or small squares and use 3-4 on the bottom of the clothespin, enough clothespins to make as many as you desire, and 2 eyes for each centipede made.

Simply have the child glue pom poms down the top of the clothespin and  magnet(s) on the backside. Then glue 2 eyes on the 1st pom. Once dry you can open the clothespin and put a picture of the little crafter in it for a great gift. Then the centipedes can make their permanent home on refrigerators, metal file cabinets, stove fronts, or even metal desks. They are great for displaying those great hand drawn pictures,  "A" papers, and special photographs. 


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