What's Happening Wednesday-Wine Festival

This coming weekend I will be traveling to West Virginia, where the Kirkwood Winery will be hosting their annual Wine Festival. I just completed some lotion bars  and a new lip balm to take, but I still have to design labels (the fried computer is still holding all my files hostage! lol) and of course I also have packing to complete. I think I will stay bust the next few days, don't you? 

I made three different types of lotion bars. When I say different types, I mean that there are three different recipes. I made a Silky Lotion Bar in Spiced Lavender, Embrace and Sugared Chestnuts. The Silky bar has jojoba and  avocado oils, along with shea butter and other ingredients. Then I made Embrace and Exotic Orange in my Luxury Lotion Bar recipe, which truly lives up to its name. Among other ingredients, it is comprised of jojoba and hemp oils, along with shea and cocoa butters. Then, the final lotion bar was made from Monoi de Tahiti, a rather exquisite (and quite expensive) specialty oil from Tahiti. [To read about this oil, please see this past post]. While some were made into actual bars, I also poured some into twist up containers (a la deodorant type tubes). My entire house smells so wonderful right now, it was quite pleasurable to leave and walk back in! Lol  
                                                                                                                                                                                         As for the newest lip balm, it is made with coffee butter and really has a  pungent coffee scent. Although Miss, "you aren't supposed to lick your lips" hates to admit it, it really does have a strong coffee flavor as well.  In addition to these newly created products, I have also been stocking up on foot and bath soaks, along with all the other regular items.

Speaking of regular items, as I was making a list of labels that needed to be printed, I realized that I have quite a large variety of soap scents. Probably too many..... but here is what I will be taking to the Wine Festival.

lavender chamomile, pink champagne, lavender eucalyptus, saged lemongrass, Arabian spice, berry wine, zuchinni flower, daisies, bergamot corriander, orchid rain, lilac, baby soap w/ goat's milk, kitchen soap (coffee), bamboo, peony, tomato facial soap (2 types, one for norm to oily skin and one for norm to dry), herbed citrus, cherry blossom, stormy seas, lavender, aloe lavender chamomile, coconut lime verbania, flowering herbs, kumquat lime, earthy lemon, hyacinth, zen, awaken, flowering grapefruit, Dead Sea Mud (citrus), blue rose, sparkling fruit, fresh koala,Tang dynasty, pear berry, white tea and ginger, Mediterranean flowering spa, red tea, juniper aloe and cedarwood, whispering willow, peaceful, moonlight, orange n clover, blackberry cedar and sage, woman, splendor in the grass, ceder saffron n amber, relaxation, pumpkin lager, whispering willow rain, Mediterranean country side, Fall apples, orchard wine, red current thyme, Autumn leaves, Forest, pinenut n blossoms, wine by candlelight, muscadine vineyard, spiced lavender, oak barrel cider lager, frosted winterberry, sugared chestnuts and mistletoe whispers.  Say that ten times fast, I dare ya! Lol   

Of course, I still have some scents curing for the holiday season too, so there will be more added quite soon! 

So now you know what's happening this Wednesday at my place, what's happening at yours?
I am hoping to be able to show you some interesting pictures tomorrow, and Friday we will finish the yucca discussion, so be sure to check back!

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