Creamy Cacao Hemp Milk Ingredient Contest

I know I said that I wouldn't be posting today, however I have entered a contest that you may wish to enter as well, so I wanted to share! Not to mention that it give me an additional entry as well! So what am I talking about? Mountain Rose Herbs  has long been a favorite supplier of mine, and is always a wealth of information. Even after all these years, I still enjoy just going to their site and reading about various products, and do that every so often just for fun. When I visited today I found a note about a contest to win some supplies. Who would't LOVE that? To read more about it, get a recipe, and to enter the contest, begin by visiting their blog .   When you do, you will find the recipe for this Creamy Cacao Hemp Milk. Doesn't it look great? (Of course this is their picture, I don't have all the ingredients because I haven't won yet!)
This weeks recipe is a wonderful

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