Franley Speaking Friday- It's all about Womanly Issues

Both blessed and cursed, women must deal with hormonal issues all throughout their lives. Many experience moodiness and may even have pain during their monthly cycle. From swelling and bloating to cramping and crying, woman suffer as their hormones fluctuate. Then, right when endure must cope with the uncomfortable cycle of life. Those they are rejoicing about no more monthly menses, the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings kick into full swing. BTW, are you catching a commonality here? Menstration, Men opauselol. Anyway, many women just suffer in silence....well maybe not so much silence, if you ask their family, but they endure without medical intervention. Others seek medical consultation, but find no answers from the (male) doctors. Just the other day in a chat room for a game I play, I noticed that several women were discussing the woes of menopause, and how they have been unable to get any relief. In fact, a several said that they had approached a physician and "he" heard their age and told them that there was nothing to do but suffer. Well I don't agree with that at all! There is, of course, hormone replacement therapy. Of course this is not appropriate for everyone and must be prescribed. Then there are some alternative treatments. One relatively new product is called "progesta care". This comes in a cream and a spray, is supposedly "natural", and is to work like a prescription hormone without the negative effects. One of the woman in the discussion I mentioned suggested it, and stated that it works for her. I am not sure how I feel about it yet, but I have begun some research on it. I can tell you that this company was cited in the past for making medical claims and also was advised that one of their ingredients was soon to be considered a controlled substance. They have since removed that ingredient, however they have gone back to the same terminology that got them cited where the claims are concerned. At any rate, I am having a difficult time finding research to back up their claims, but since one woman swears by it, I am going to keep digging. 
Of course there are also several essential oils that have properties to soothe many physical and mood issues. I know it's not a Monday, but here are some recipes that may come in handy for you!

Premenstrual Mist Spray
35 drops Indian Sandalwood EO
35 drops Ylang Ylan EO
35 drops  Lime EO
35 drops Bergamot EO
30 drops Palmarosa EO
30 drops (French) Lavender EO
120 ml Orange Hydrosol

Mix the essential oils into the orange hydrosol (flower water). Place in a spray bottle, shake well and spray into the air. If you cannot get the orange flower water, you may add 15 drops of orange EO to 120 ml of distilled water and use this instead. This mist is intended to remedy your mood and make PMS symptoms more bearable.

Massage Oil for Premenstrual Symptoms
7 drops Bergamot EO
20 drops Indian Sandalwood EO
8 drops Ylang Ylang EO
5 drops Geranium Bourbon EO
10 drops Neroli EO
30 ml Sweet Almond Oil

Blend the essential oils with the carrier oil. Mix well, then use to massage into the lower back. Use a firm, circular motion for best results. This massage remedy is meant to help alleviate PMS ailments.

Moody Blues and PMS
3 drops Petitgrain EO
3 drops (Red) Mandarin EO
2 drops Geranium EO
2 drops (Bulgarian) Lavender
10 drops Apricot Kernel Oil (you may use Sweet Almond Oil instead if you wish)

Blend the essential oils into the carrier oil. Mix well. Massage this ointment into the neck and the shoulders, or the full body. You may also delete the Apricot KernalOil from the recipe and then use the remaining ingredients as a bath blitzer, in a vaporizer or in an oil burner to help uplift your spirits and reduce or alleviatethe symptoms of PMS.

Uplifting and Refreshing for Menopause
1 drop Jasmine EO
2 drops Clary Sage EO
1 drop Rose Morocco Absolute
1 drop Ylang Ylang EO

This mixture will uplift spirits and refresh you, and is especially beneficial for those going through menopause. This mixture is best utilized in an Aromatherapy lamp, an electric diffuser, an oil burner or a light bulb ring. You can also just add a few drops of the oil mixture to boiling water, stand close and breathe in. This is a quick and easy way to diffuse throughout a room, and basically get a steam inhalation in the process.

Jittery Legs, Cramps & Spasms 
6 drops (French) Lavender EO
2 drops Black Pepper EO
6 drops Margoram EO
25ml Sweet Almond Oil 

Mix all the ingredients together, then gently massage into the whole leg twice daily.

Menstrual Cramps Aromatherapy Blend
10 drops Cypress EO
15 drops Peppermint EO
5 drops (French) Lavender EO
1 ounce Apricot Kernel Oil

Mix the oils together and place in a dark-colored glass container. Store out of the sunlight. Use a small amount of this mixture to gently message into the abdominal area. You may eliminate the carrier oil and use the essential oils for a bath blitzer or in a diffuser for aromatherapy.

Hormone Balancer Aromatherapy
2 drops Sage EO
1 drop Sweet Fennel EO
1 drop Myrtle EO
1 drop Peppermint EO- use the triple distilled
1 drop Clary Sage EO
2 drops (Russian) Lavender EO
2 oz Sweet Almond (carrier) Oil

Mix all the oils together and place in a dark-colored, glass bottle. Store out of sunlight. Use a small amount to gently massage into the abdominal area for relief of symptoms.
This mixture is intended to balance male energy and prostate function for men, balance female energy andalleviate hot flashes for women.

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