Make it Yourself Monday- More Facial Masks

I know that I have posted several masks before, but here are some different ones.

Mint Mask
1/4 cup soy powder
1/4 cup plain yogurt (unflavored)
2 drops peppermint EO

This is a make and use immediately product. Mix the soy powder and the unflavored yogurt together, creating a paste. Then add in the EO and mix well. Put it on your face and neck and allow it to set for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with tepid water and pat the skin dry. After drying, don't forget to moisturize as you normally would. This mask is for all skin types, but especially benefits dry skin, as it won't over-dry the skin. The peppermint EO serves to clarify the skin. You should use this treatment once a week for great skin care.

Mean Green Mask
This next mask is a variation on two others that I have previously posted. This one mixes cucumber and clay, for one refreshing and moisturizing mask. It is another one that needs to be used once it is made. You will need;

1/4 cup French Green Clay
1 large cucumber, peeled and mashed
9 ml sweet almond oil (you may sub apricot kernel oil)
*distilled water may also be needed, depending upon the moisture level in the cucumber

After you have peeled and mashed the cucumber, place it in a bowl with the French Green clay and mix well. If the cucumber doesn't give enough moisture, add in enough distilled water to make the paste easy to apply. You want a soft, but not runny mixture. Once you have the correct consistency, apply it to your face and neck, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Stay still while the liquid evaporates from the recipe, which should take about 15 minutes. It will feel like it is pulling and this is the action that tightens your pores. Once dried, wash it off your skin with tepid water, pat dry, and moisturize as normal.

**I have a correction from last Friday's post as well. The Citrus Lavender soap does not have cocoa powder in it, but instead has vanilla powder. I have added a note to that post to correct the error.

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