Tripod Thursdays-Autumn Soaps, Fall Scents

I know we are in the midst of summer heat, but schools will be starting in just two weeks, and soon thereafter the leaves will begin to change, and the cool, crisp weather of Fall will begin. 
Since soap takes a good six weeks to two months to cure I am always a season ahead in planning,  and since I am just one person, and tend to be getting slower in my old age, lol, I really have to begin making the next season's products while they are far from most people's thoughts. 
Every August I begin by making melting snowmen, snowman face bulbs with hats, and sparkling, crystal Christmas ornaments, because about eight weeks before Christmas, I will be delivering at least four dozen ornaments to Christmas at the Cabin, as well as other craft items.
But, before the winter snow flies and Christmas comes, Autumn and the Wine festival will be here. So I have been busily creating fragrances appropriate for Autumn and in the spirit of the  wine festival. So today's Tripod Tuesday covers most of the soaps that I consider to be the Fall line. I still have an "Aged Oak Apple" that I am making this week, with Fosters Lager. It's a nice beer soap, with a scent that just speaks Fall to me! After this one, I will begin the more wintry and holiday blends. 
I hope you enjoy this soapy preview!

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