What's Happening Wednesday-

While my computer is on the fritz I am unable to post stored pictures or information, so what is up this Wednesday is a search for a computer wizard, money to afford that wizard, and the hope that it can all be set to rights quickly! Lol

The evenings here in southern Ohio are starting to cool enough to open windows already. While we generally have one last bout of nasty heat sometime late August, early September, Autumn is definitely right around the corner. Many schools will be starting next week and the Fall Festival of the leaves is right around the corner too. All of my Autumn soaps are on the cure racks, and the Winter ones are being made. So far I have Mistletoe Whisper, Frosted Winter Berries, Winter Forest, and Spiced Lavender on the curing racks, with  Holly and Ivy and Chestnuts and Brown Sugar soon to be on their way there as well. Some scrubs, butters and lotions will be next on the to do list, along with a whipped cream soap, and of course my spectacular Heel and Elbow Cream. 

While my "to do " list may be a tad long, there are a few things that I have finished which you may not be aware of. I recently redesigned new labeling, which includes a plantable seed paper in every soap box. I also just received some new "basket" boxes, for gift sets. While these come in a wide variety of designs, I actually found one that almost matches my new label design exactly! Since I didn't even know that was possible, it was certainly a very happy and lucky find! Also, I purchased a very cute Christmas themed one, so I am very excited to begin putting some wonderful gift sets together! 

With all of the soaping and such, I still have managed to begin the packing and inventory process for Christmas at the cabin items. While I will have until the beginning of October to complete the ornaments, wreaths and other items I send there, I will need every minute of these weeks to make everything. Afterall, it takes a LOT of sock hats to get the snowman ornaments made, and a lot of clay molded to get all of the melting snowmen melting! Whomever said that summer was for vacation, obviously didn't do retail sales! 

So that is what is up with me this Wednesday, what's happening with you?

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