Frankly Speaking Friday- Retail Therapy

TGIF! Yep, it's Friday again, but don't worry, I am not going to go off on another health care rant. This week I am going to tone it back and just tell you what's going on in my world. First and foremost, Sunday will be my youngest Son's 24th birthday, so Happy Birthday Jared!. They grow so very fast. Now he is an old married man and I am the old Grandma! And, as if I wasn't feeling old enough already, I spent a good deal of time on the computer this week, only to wonder when they (considerably) shrunk the print type! Seriously!

Speaking of needing to see the writing, the reason that I was on the computer was to compare prices from my favorite on-line venues. I generally try to make one large order a year for various categories of supplies. This way I save by buying in bulk, cutting the shipping costs, and, at the same time I limit the width of my global footprint. So once a year, in the winter, I try to check the prices for all my current suppliers, while attempting to find a new source or two. Believe it or not, I only began doing this about five or six years ago. Before that, I stuck with the stand up shop that I found years ago. I initially went there for candle making supplies, but when I began making Unique Garden Essences products, I found that they had great essential oils, salts and carrier oils. At that time I lived east of Columbus, Ohio and this is where they were located, so I just drove in. Even after they closed their Columbus shop, I continued to order from their warehouse until they discontinued one of my products. When I had to hunt for a replacement source, I was actually quite fortunate, because I found many, many suppliers that I would never have even seen.  And, although I have yet to find a better supplier of  (certain) oils, I now purchase less than ten percent of my total supplies from them. While this would be soooooo much easier for me if there was one super shop, where all the quality was impeccable and all the prices the lowest, this just hasn't happened yet.

This year's delve into the price/product comparison waters left me knowing that, while I haven't yet found that one super-great, superstore, the four places that I routinely use are very good. Over the years, I have been impressed with the quality of their products and their customer service, so I am quite happy to find that they are still competitive in pricing. I truly wish, however that I could cut one or two out so that i could make that footprint smaller!

Anyway, on this years annual pilgrimage, I found a few new sites that had me flipping through their pages. Earlier this month I mentioned that I was revamping my soap recipes in anticipation of making some cp soap,  after more than a years break. Well, one site I found  has extremely reasonably priced  wood  molds. They also have some great wood tags, as well as displays for all types of bath and body products, not to mention,  they do custom work as well! Ok, so I got excited and added a fifth place buy from instead of cutting down the number, but hey, I did get a really good deal! LOL. If you are a soaper, or if you find yourself in need of wood displays, go and take a look at the Candles and Wood Crafts  website.

I did finally manage to get myself together and place an order with While I wish that I was restrained enough to have only spent the gift certificate that I won,  I wasn't! Lol. I seemed to have found myself "needing" some great sounding fragrance oils and a few other things. I mean, gee, well I can't use my expensive Essential Oils to try out  new soap recipes, can I?  Besides, I did order one product that I could have gotten at another place a bit less expensive, but I put it in with this order to save on that footprint deal! So it made perfect sense to buy a few more extra things. While I think its called "retail therapy",  whatever it's called, I am now waiting on a pretty good sized box from the west coast! Footprint not withstanding, I am soooo excited!!!

With that order placed, still feeling the high of the retail therapy, I went to an old favorite and added a few more goodies. There is something to be said for retail therapy, but I think its more than that. I am really into working the New Years Goals and Plans that I laid out and it feels good to see it coming together. One thing is for sure, I am already finding it difficult to wait on these packages, global footprint not withstanding! After all, I can't be expected to pass up Beet Powder for soap coloring can I ? Lol!

Have yourself a great weekend!

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