Tripod Thursdays-Soaps

In keeping with what was happening on Wednesday, I have uploaded pictures of the soap that I made today (actually late last night by my standards, and early this morning by yours, LOL), as well as some others that I have had in my shop during the past several months. The turmeric colored soap that I spoke of yesterday, is gelling and should be ready to cut and set to cure later today or tomorrow. Although it will be weeks before the verdict is in on it, the one I just made is smelling up the house in a wonderful way, and everything went well with its pouring, so I am looking forward to some great soap there! Now I will just have to come up with a name for its scent....hmm, maybe that will call for a contest!


The Goo soap is a great childs soap, it's a lot like slime, without the trademarked name! Orange is orange, green is pearberry, and I also have an oatmeal, milk and honey one.

The dog bone soap is a "bug be gone" blend of EO's for the pooch.

The white soapboxes were hand stamped and painted by me.

The green wedge is a sage-lemongrass soap w/ oatmeal.

The soap wrapped in cloth is my "bug begone" blend of EO's for humans.

The bottles are a liquid soap, in a variety of scents.

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