What's Happening Wednesday

This Wednesday I totally forgot to post what I was up too, so I apologize for doing it so late in the day. I have been very busy making different soap recipes so that I can decide which ones I want to use for my "base" recipes. Right now, I have at least 25 calculated out, and about 15 on my "to try" list. So far I have made 5 different batches, in 8 different scents/scent combinations.

Last night I attempted something I had not attempted before, and maybe should not have, lol! I made one large batch and divided it into three pots at light trace. I poured the first batch into a regular one pound mold
 It has sesame seeds throughout and some extra on top. It is scented with Arabian Spice. You see the crack? That is one reason that I said maybe I shouldn't have attempted this. I took so long to do all that I needed to do, I ran into some complications, and this was one of them. I should have had the lid with me in the kitchen, but I didn't, so it sat and waited while I mixed and poured everything.

Then I mixed another portion with a Berry Wine scent that included blueberry, mulberry and raspberry. Again, with time being an issue, it was very thick and had to be plopped into the mold. I did 2 different colors to mix into it, which didn't help with the time deal either.
And, on top of the time issue, but because of it, I didn't get the pours divided evenly either. So I ended up missing one cavity all together, and having more berry wine than zucchini flower, which was the scent of the last pour. I tinted it a light green and then added a darker green (in the picture it looks gray, but it looks more green in person). Now the berry wine has 2 colors in it, one made from blueberry fibers and the other from cranberry fibers. These should morph from what they look like now, which is a greenish/gray and a deep purple, so it should be interesting to watch!

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