Make It Yourself Monday -Scent Pots, Air Freshener for The Home

So far this year, we've made throat lozenges, jar gifts, dog treats and even some great face masks. Now we are going to focus on something practical for the home. This something will save us money,  and will smell good while doing so! Most everyone uses some type of air freshener, and the gel fresheners at the grocery store can be quite costly, not to mention that they often have a limited choice of fragrance selection. So here is a simple, make-it-at-home, alternative for you to try!

First of all, you will need to gather some type of jars. Jelly jars or any other,  small, decorative jar will do. If you are not so concerned with aesthetics, recycled baby food jars (junior not newborn) will work just fine. This recipe is meant more for the  larger ones, but you could do the smaller ones too. If you do though, it will dry up a bit faster than the junior size. You will also need;

1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold water
4 packages of (Knox) gelatin
2 tablespoons of Everclear (or other 90 proof alcohol).*Since this is to prevent mold, you can eliminate it and use preservative if you happen to make your own bath and body products and have some on hand.

About 20 drops of fragrance oil or 6-10 drops of essential oil (s), you can use more/less if you desire, but this amount is average and should work well for most people. Depending upon how you choose to decorate, you may also want some colored tulle, and some matching, coordinating, or contrasting ribbon.

Begin by dissolving the 4 packs of gelatin in one cup of boiling water. Make sure that you stir it until it is completely dissolved. Once completely dissolved, add the cup of cold water, and the alcohol. If you are using essential oil(s), you should allow the mixture to cool off a bit before adding the fragrance, just  don't wait too long or the gelatin may begin to set. If you'd like, you can also add a few drops of food coloring to "pretty" it up a bit! 
Mix everything well, then pour it into your jars. Either have the jars on a cookie tray, or have them where they can stay so they can remain undisturbed while they set up.  

Once they are completely set, you can either set them out as they are, or you can further decorate them by covering the top with the tulle (which will allow them to breath and disburse scent), and adding a tied ribbon to the neck of the jar, which will hold the tulle in place. Now you that you have easily made several cute, smelly jars, why don't you wrap some up to share with friends!  These scent pots should last about six weeks or so before you have to make more. 

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