Tripod Thursdays- Fout Legged Friends

Animals are a part of my life, and have been since I was born, Today I have two dogs and two cats. The cats adopted me, one when she was dumped as a tiny baby, and sick as could be, and the other, when she was pregnant, and as sick as could be. Today they are both happy and healthy and definitely the queens of this house! With college done, and my Son married, Lucky went off to live with his real Daddy, and I was demoted from Mommy to Grandma. So now I am left with Dallas and his speckled tongue, an eleven or twelve year old rescued chow mix, and Gizmo, my 3 lb Yorkie. What Gizmo lacks in size, he more than makes up for it in moxie, and HE RUNS the ENTIRE HOUSE, or at least Dallas let's him think he does!

Enjoy these pictures of my extended family!

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