What's Happening Wednesday- Exotic Oils cont.- Kukui Nut Oil

Here we are at another Wednesday. What's happening? Well, I just finished a new perfume, but since it doesn't actually have any alcohol in it, it really is not a perfume, rather it is a fragrance oil for the body. Whatever you call it, I am very excited about this one, especially since I have not added a new perfume oil since the introduction of Fairy Nectar, almost two years ago. While I can't give away the surprise, I will tell you that this new scent is a tad bit sultry, with a hint of amber. Since I have a completely over-active imagination when it comes to names, I asked a friend to help out on this one. We ran a lot of names up the flag pole, but in the end, all the full moon, moonlight romance, and sensual summer night's were set aside for the simplicity of .....drum roll, please..... EMBRACE! 

My next project is actually something I really began a few days ago, when I set some herbs to infuse in olive oil. So, later today, I will be in the kitchen putting those herbs to use in Baby Butt Balm. I have formulated what I believe to be a great recipe for treating diaper rash, as well as preventing it! My Grandson, now eight months old, was of course my main motivation, but my Sister is also expecting now, and I want her baby to have a nice, healthy bum also! Next up, I will be doing a baby powder for her gift set, but that is for the weekend or early next week.   

Of course, I have also been quite busy making soaps. My last batch was one that you may  consider a bit strange, but I assure you there is good reason for its ingredients. It is a Tomato Face bar for normal to dry skin (I made one for oily skin a couple of wees ago). This bar has tomato powder (dehydrated tomatoes, ground into a powder), comfrey, and tomato juice, and has a nice amount of moisturizing oils in it as well. 
Why, you may ask, would anyone want to use a garden plant on their face? Well, tomatoes are a great source of beta-carotene and vitamin E, and these are both antioxidants. The tomato will purify the skin, while helping to refine enlarged pores, and soothing and balancing the skin qualities. Comfrey, on the other hand, will reduce any edema (swelling), as well as encourage the fast, healthy regrowth of damaged sin and tissue cells. So, we don't have to eat them, for tomatoes to do our body good!

My earlier tomato soap, for oily skin, is similar, but has a lower amount of moisturizers and some neem powder to help cleanse and remove excess skin oils. Here are pictures of both tomato soaps. The darker bars on the left are the oily skin ones, but the normal to dry skin bars will become a more smoother, darker red, like the red in the oily bars, once they begin to cure. The green should  also darken slightly, but it will not be anywhere near as dark as the oily bars. That brown appearing color is actually a dark green, and while the computer monitor does make it hard to see, it is rather brownish in person as well. That is the neem powder in it.

In case you are curious, the soap on the right of the tomato is citrus cilantro.

Tomorrow is Tripod Thursday, so pictures will be posted. I am thinking Spring, so probably some that I have taken during the past week and a half, as the buds have begin to open, daffodils are up, and the ducks are waddling around the lake, but it still looks pretty drab over-all, with just these small pops of color every now and again. Of course, that is what makes these hidden treasures so special! So join me tomorrow for Springtime in Ohio!
Then Friday we will continue with the exotic oils and butters posts, learning all about kukui nut oil, the Hawaiian wonder nut!  

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