Tripod Thursdays-My Groupon

Have you heard of "Groupons"? If not, you should really check into it. Groupon is basically an E-commerce coupon. Based in several of the larger cities, they offer at least 50% off of one item a day. It could be anything from pizza to sword lessons, but when you sign up you will receive an email every day with the deal of the day. If you like the deal and want it, you have to purchase it right then, and you will also have a time frame with which to use it in. The expiration varies, some are in just a few days, and others give you months. Whatever the fine print is, you can see it all before you buy. In fact, if a set amount of purchases are not made, the deal will not "activate", meaning that anyone who bought the first several deals will be refunded and the deal cancelled. Not that I think that ever happens, but it is one of those fine prints.

Why am I telling you about this new phenomenon called Groupon? Because it explains how I came to be on the Shutterbug website at four am [the other day]. I had received a groupon  for a hard-backed photo book at, for only $10, regularly $30. Now how could I pass that up? Well, I couldn't, so I didn't. Problem was, you had to use the groupon within 3 days or it would revert to just a $10 credit. Since the book was normally priced at $30 I stood to loose $10 in value if the groupon was not used in a timely manner. So, when it dawned on me that I had not finished my photo book, I quickly got onto the computer and rushed to the site to complete my picture organization and finalize my book. Now that may seem easy to you, but I have well over 3,000 pictures on my computer. I am a Mother of two young men, one of whom married on the beach last year, and the other who became a Father about 8 months ago. I also have all these crafts that I make and dogs and cats that I love. In other words, I had a lot to choose from when it comes to subject matter for the book. Needless to say, it took me a VERY long time to make my book! LOL.

So here is my groupon, my good deal, my photo book, my memories. While it didn't end up with any pictures of my dogs or cats, it certainly does represent a lot of fun and, more importantly, a lot of love. Someday, I will show this to my first Grandson, as I tell him about how his Great, Great Grandma flew to Texas to see her first Great Grandson, his Daddy, be born. And how she was so excited to see his Uncle Jared get married, and how she looked forward to seeing his Daddy become a Daddy. And most importantly, how she loved us all.

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