What's Happening Wednesday-

After writing for about an hour, I somehow lost my post on calendula oil. Aside from being frustrated, I have been fighting a cold and am very tired. So, with sincere apologies, I am begging off writing another calendula post tonight.
Tonight? Yes, I write my posts in the late night and post them in the wee hours, otherwise, because of my crazy schedule, you would probably not be reading anything from me until late in the day! And, while that is fine for other night owls, it is not so good for the early birds!

So, just what is up this Wednesday? Well, for me, I am still working on getting soap made, and I do have a few more batches made since your last update. In fact, I made a three pound loaf earlier this evening. I am not sure what I will name it, but the scent is a light floral-fruit type. Think orchid with a hint of cucumber and melon. As strange as it sounds, it is pretty sweet and breezy. It is Spring in a bottle! Of course, I am also busy making lists for the supplies that I will need next month, when my focus switches from soaps to lotions, perfumes and balms. Not to mention that I am reading through all my old notes [on exotic oils], as I try to come up with posts that are informative and well articulated.

Completely switching topics now, I made this prayer shawl for my Mother for Christmas this past year. It is knitted and I worked on it for quite some time (through many Dr. apts. and long nights at the hospital!) I am considering making a few of these for craft shows and for my on-line shop. What do you think? Are shawls too old school? It is pretty labor intensive, so I would hate to make even one if I thought people wouldn't want it. So help me out and give me your opinion, please!

Since tomorrow is tripod Thursday, I will be back with the calendula post on Friday! Thanks for understanding and I hope that you aren't too disappointed! Now go out and make it a great day, smile at a complete stranger...it will brighten both of your days! 

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