What's Happening Wednesday

What's happening this Wednesday? Well aside from my forgetful mind, a whole lot of not much! Lol. I forgot all about posting today, until a friend mentioned my blog. So thanks Cathy! It has been so warm here, in the 60's, and up until a few moments ago, it has been sunny and bright. I guess I was caught up in Spring fever, because I haven't been able to bring myself to get on the computer! I have been making scrapbook pages for my niece that will be born in a few months, and I have been pruning indoor plants, taking pictures of outdoor ones, and bathing the dog, who has been enjoying the out of doors a little too much! With burs all over, I have ripped out more leaves and small sticks from his underbelly than are in the yard! Lol, Well maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but not much of one!

I received a delivery today of 7 gallons of different oils, and 10 pounds of cocoa butter, so I am good to go for more soap and some balms and perfumes! Yesterday, I cut a batch of blackberry amber soap. It is absolutely one of the best smelling scents! I love it! I am planning on making a perfume out of it, as well as scenting lotion and shampoo with it too! I am told that it is similar to that big company (the one I dont like! Lol) 's scent, and while I don't know about that since I never go in there, I do know that I really like it!  Here is a picture of my soap, I wish I could send its odor across the computer!
I was going to continue on about another project, but it is now storming and there is a lot of thunder, so I am going to call it a day. Tomorrow is Tripod Thursday, so you know there will be pictures, but I am going to review a recent project of mine, so be sure to check it out! Then Friday, I will be continuing the exotic oils posts with Illipe Butter, which I inadvertently skipped when I posted the Jojoba oil. So back we will go!
Have a great day, and if it is pouring where you are, like it is here, stay dry!

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