Make It Yourself Monday - Bath Fizzy for Colds

So, after days of rain, we awoke to a dusting of snow here in the good, old Buckeye state. Once again proving that if you don't like the weather in Ohio, you just need to stick around, because it will change! And, once again, the weather has inspired me for today's make it yourself project....well, the weather and the fact that I have had a cold for almost a week, ever since I watched my Grandson while he was ill. Worth it, yes, but I am tired of the sniffles! So what is good for sniffles and a stopped up head? A nice essential oil blend, that's what. And what is better than an essential oil blend? A cool way to deliver that blend, that's what! So how about a nice hot bath, with an essential oil infused bath fizzy? Sounds so good to me, I am off to make one. But no worries, I will tell you how to do it before I leave!

You will need 1/4 cup of  baking soda, 1/4 cup of powdered citric acid, a few drops of sweet almond oil or your choice of a similar oil, and 4 drops of essential oil(s). Simply mix the baking soda with the essential oil(s), and work it through until there are no clumps. You can use the back of a spoon to mash them out, or you can use a sifter to sift them out, or you can used a gloved hand, whichever way you prefer. Then add in the citric acid and begin squeezing it through your hands, working it like dough. You need to be gloved when doing this. Add oil by the drops as you work the ingredients together. When you have a consistency that holds together when its squished into a ball, you have it right. If the mix looks very dry, is crumbly, or falls apart, just add a bit more oil. Use caution though, you don't want to over-use oil, or you will cause the fizzy to not set up properly. If you start on the low end of oil addition, adding it by drops, you can always add more if/when you need it. While you can always add more, you can never take it back out!

Once everything is mixed, you can use it as is, or you can press it into a soap or candy mold to get a stylish shape. If you use a mold, you will want to overfill the mold cavity with your mix, then press it down hard, very hard. Once all the cavities are over-full, place a clean dishcloth over the entire mold, and place a book or two on top to apply pressure and to help it finish compressing into the mold. Leave it set up over night.

After they are set, hold the mold with both hands, and gently turn it upside down, close to the table top. With your thumbs, gently push the back of the filled cavity to release it. Don't let it hit the table hard, as it will break. These will last 3-6 months, but you don't want to mix up a large batch at any one given time, because the mix can react to moisture and get hard. To help avoid this possibility, store these in an airtight container.

Now, you probably thought that I forgot to give you the details of exactly which essential oils to use, but I didn't! I am going to list all of the ones that you could use, the ones that are [reported to be] beneficial for cold symptoms. then, you can choose which one or more that you want to add, depending upon what you have available, and what you like. If you are familiar with them, you can choose which ones work better for you and your current symptoms.

Please note that using essential oils for an ailment, or symptoms of ailments, is not approved by the FDA. This blog and its information is not intended to treat, prescribe, or in any way, replace the advice of your physician. The information provided in purely educational, and may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. Please see the disclaimer page tab at the top of this post for more detailed information on this matter. 

This essential oil list is pretty lengthy. While they all have properties that are said to benefit stuffy heads and the various symptoms of a cold,  I have keyed the oils, with letters, to identify oils that also have  properties said to benefit particular symptoms associated with the issues referred to. A= asthma,  B= bronchitis, CC= cough and cold,  F= flu, and  S= sinusitis

Clove-A                    cedarwood-B        angelica root- B,CC       all spice- B,CC      cajeput-S                                           black pepper-cough                                camphor-S                       basil                       bay
clary sage- whooping cough                    citronella-F                    cypress-A,B,cold
eucalyptus-A B C F (not for kids)           fennel- A B                    Frankincense-A B CC F
ginger- cold, congestion, F                      myrtle- A F                    patchouli- congestion
myrrh- A B CC                                      grapefruit- cold and congestion
hyssop A B CC & whooping cough        jasmine cough                 lavender A F cold
lemon B F fever                                      lime A B F cold fever      marjoram head cold, congestion
peppermint F                                          pine A F cold                  orange B cold
rose A                                                    rosemary B CC              rosewood CC respiratory infection
sandalwood B cough                              tea tree A CC S              red thyme A CC S

Certainly this list may not be all inclusive, it is just the culmination of years of my note it could contain a mistake too, but this is it to the best of my recollection! I hope you find it informative. There are certainly enough oils that you should be able to come up with a combination or two that you enjoy the scent of , and that may help relieve some cold symptoms.

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