Tripod Thursdays- Soap

As most of you are already aware, I am gearing up for the one Spring show that I annually participate in. Which means that I am very big on making soap right now since it needs weeks to properly cure. Unfortunately I am a slow poke and I had to wait quite a while for materials, as my favorite vendors were running behind, and I had to wait on money in the first place. So I now have only six batches made, the seventh is formulated, and I have the ingredients, but I haven't felt well enough to do it yet, so hopefully that will change and I will get the seventh poured in the next day or two. But until then, I have put the last few batches into this slide show for you. remember that freshly poured soap looks very different than cured soap. I also added some pictures of the curing rack, so you could see the difference between the way the older batches looked when I last photographed them and today! I hope that you enjoy the process.

Tomorrow I will be continuing the exotic oils with a description of  Borage oil!

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