Make it Yourself Monday- Bath Salt Gifts

My Daughter in law is already marking her "Days til Christmas" calendar (and I believe there are now 41 more days until!) so I know that it is just around the corner, whether I am ready or not! So here are is quick and easy gift idea. Bath Salts!

You can easily make up a pretty jar of bath salts for anyone on your gift list. You can purchase some epsom salts at your local drug store, to use alone or to mix in with some European or Dead Sea Salts. The Dead Sea Salts are the most expensive salts, so if you are looking to keep the cost down, stick to mixing the Dendrick or the European Salts with the Epsoms. To refresh your memory about the various types of salt available, look back over this old post. Once you have your salts, decide if you want to add scent or not and find some pretty jars and maybe some ribbon, then you will be all set!

Here are some recipes for you to consider, but you don't really need one, let your imagination and your nose be your guide! Just remember that you will only use 5 drops (maximum) of essential oil(s) in 2 cups of salts, and make sure that you don't use essential oils that tend to irritate, such as cinnamon. And, if you use food coloring, it is best to spread out the salts on a tray and allow them to dry before packaging them.

-Candy Canes are a must at Christmas, so why not give yours in a pretty bath salt?  All you need is some peppermint essential oil, red food coloring, whatever type of salts you choose, and a clear jar. Mix 4-5 drops of the essential oil in 3 cups of salts. It is best to put it into a container with a lid and shake, shake shake! Then take out 1/2 of the salts to keep white. Put 1 drop of red food coloring into the other half, replace the lid and shake, shake, shake some more. If you think the coloring is too light, you can probably add 1 more drop of coloring. Just be cautious. You will NOT get a deep red, as too much food coloring will stain the tub and can even stain the person! Leave the salt sit for a while so that it absorbs the scent and the color dries, then layer the colored salt with the plain salt until the jars are full. This makes such a beautiful display, and a very lovely gift!

-Try mixing 4 drops of lavender and 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oils in 3 cups of salts, for a nice, soothing and uplifting blend. You can add a drop of blue food coloring if you so choose.

-How about a lime and basil bath? Mix 5 cups of the salts of your choice with 5 drops of lime and 4 drops of basil essential oils. For a pretty presentation, add 1 drop of green food coloring and 1 drop of yellow food coloring to the entire mix, or double the recipe and color half, then layer or play with skewers and design like it is sand art! Want to get really fancy? Add some crushed (dried) basil.

*For an extra special presentation you can purchase jars that have cork stoppers. Then dip the cork into a colored, melted wax, then place into the bottle for a great seal and a cool look. Try green with the basil and lime bath, and red with the candy cane. Let your imagination run wild, and seal all your jars!

-Tie a ribbon or raffia around the jar lid to spruce it up a bit! You can even make a pretty gift tag to attach your holiday sentiments!

*You can add 1 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of citric acid to 2 cups of bath salts to make Fizzing bath salts!

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