What;s Happening Wednesday-Rant and Shop

Before I get into today's topic, I want comment on something I read today. It was a reference for a "clinical study" that "proves" that a specific brand's essential oil blend prevents the H1`N1 flu. Well I had to go and read that study immediately! What I found was that this particular blend MAY decrease the risk of the influenza virus, not the H1N1 specifically, in canine kidney cells, when used at specific amounts (thousands of parts to one flu cell). While this sounds promising, it was NOT what it was represented to be. When I went to that brand's website I was very disgusted to see some "typical" sales tactics employed. In fact, I was quite infuriated! While I am addressing these topics/points in my upcoming book, I really cannot wait, I feel the need to point out a thing or two right here and now. 

Whenever you see a site that sells "therapeutic grade" and "perfume grade" or any other "grades" of essential oils, RUN away from that site! There is only ONE grade of essential oils! [There is a perfumers quality of scent, but that is not essential oil, it is something different.] If it is an essential oil, then it should be the pure volatile oil of the plant/fruit/shrub/bark/herb, and that can be therapeutic when properly utilized. When a site is selling other "grades", they are adulterating their oil or using adulterated oils, and duping the public. Unless it is adulterated or has been otherwise compromised, essential oils should all be the same. And they should smell similar. However, they are natural products and each harvest will vary slightly, just as oranges from different growing fields, and different harvests will taste slightly different.

While we are at it, there is NO such thing as essential oil of strawberry, essential oil of cucumber or a great number of other so called essential oils. Also, if you can find essential oil of rose (aka rose otto) at 10$ a half ounce, it is FAKE! Some oils are expensive and there is no way around that expense unless you buy an adulterated product. MY best advice to you is to research, and to study or ask someone with more experience and knowledge.  Some essential oils have antiseptic, antiviral, and even antibiotic properties. Therefore, there are some that I have used, and would even recommend for certain minor ailments/conditions. However, I would NEVER recommend an essential oil blend to treat a MERSA infection. In deed, doing so and failing to seek adequate medical attention could be potentially deadly in that situation. But this particular site did just that. I was astonished at their audacity! Please, please never ever replace good, sound, medical attention with unproven claims. And know that just because someone says a study proves that it works, doesnt mean that the study actually proves what they are saying! Many sites bait and switch and confuse and even flat out lie to sell their products. Often mixing in a bit of truth to make it more believable. I do believe in many forms of alternative medicines, but the more serious the ailment, the more likely it is that stronger, more traditional medicines will be needed. Of course the more serious the ailment, the more likely that there will be someone trying to sell you an expensive "cure" too.  Please use common sense, do some research of your own, and only buy from reputable vendors. And most importantly, NEVER, ever, ever sacrifice good, sound, medical attention for an easy, unproven, undocumented, cure all! 

Now that I am climbing down off my soap box, I will get back to today's post! What's happening this Wednesday? Well, I have decided to begin some shop reviews. Christmas is only getting closer every day, and I am WAY behind on my shopping this year. I think this will give me just the excuse I need to explore new sites while allowing me to spend time in unique shops. Hopefully along the way, I'll stumble into one  that excites you! 

This week I will start off by introducing you to a new site instead of a new shop. Poppy Swap   is a new hosting site, a lot like Etsy or Artfire, but also very different. It was opened just a few months ago, but is already growing like a weed. LOL, Little inside joke there, please forgive me. Why? Well, Poppy Swap is actually quite an unique venue. This site only hosts vendors and shops that supply herbal products and herbal remedies. You can find soaps, salves, oils, lotions, and potions, and even raw herbs. [ And yes, of course you will find an Unique Garden Essences store front there, even if I haven't dedicated as much time to it as I should.]  You will find some unique items, from around a hundred unique vendors, even some things that aren't easily found on other sites. So take a few minutes to go and explore this interesting new market place. Then check back here on Friday for the next sweet shopping gem! 

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