What's Happening Wednesday-Thanksgiving

This Wednesday, what is happening in my household is most likely the exact same thing that is happening in most households, Thanksgiving preparations. As you prepare your meal, or just prepare to eat if you are like some of us....not mentioning any names, my children, (Lol) I would like to encourage you to use this family time to not only reminisce about what you are thankful for, but to actively seek ways that you can make a difference this year and in years to come. My Mom has always borrowed a saying from her friend, Many hands make light work. Well I say that we are a community of many hands, so if we each pitch in, we can effect big changes with light work. So I challenge you to figure out how you and yours can create change this year, how you can make a difference. What about making and delivering a meal to a shut in once a week, or even once a month? Or maybe sitting down and sharing a half hour of your time just visiting? What about shopping for an elderly neighbor while you do your own grocery shopping? In all the above instances, a mere thirty minutes would make a large difference in someone's life. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are a wondrous time of year, where we often think about giving of ourselves, needs go on all year long. I ask you to consider what you can do all year, this year! 

The other big thing, besides food preparation for Thanksgiving, is of course the black Friday shopping plans. Hard core shoppers, not that I would know about this....but I am ummm, told, yep told (that's my story and I am sticking to it!) that they use this day to map a shopping route and plan the purchases from each store. While I am certainly one for a deal, and believe me, I do know that we need to be savvy with the little money that we have, I am also one for community support. So I am advocating that we all limit our purchases from the chain shops, and make the bulk of our purchases from local handmade businesses, and the small business owners in your town. I truly hope that each of you will consider doing this.  By backing your on line Indie and local merchants, you will be reducing your carbon footprint while boosting local commerce, as well as your country's economy. Seems to me this is a win-win-win. Good for the businesses, great for my pocketbook, and wonderful for the gift recipients! 

Whatever you eat, wherever you eat it, may your Thanksgiving be full of love, and blessed with friends and family. And if you are away from your friends and family, please go to your local community center or church, and share a meal as you make new friends! Food always tastes better when it's shared! 

When you're done shopping on Friday, please come back here and check out some new photographs!

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