Teaching Tuesday-Scrub a Dub, Why its Important

We all know that the key to good skin health and beauty is a good care regimin, but do you know what all those steps should include? In case you don't, or if you forgot, they are; To Cleanse, steam/mask/peel to deep cleanse and exfoliate, tone, and then to condition/moisturize. This old post goes into further detail on the steps, but for today I want to look closer at the exfoliation part. This goes for the face as well as the body, but you must be more cautious with the face. This post is geared more toward the body. We need to exfoliate the body daily in order to promote good skin care.

Exfoliation is an extremely important part of the skin care regimen. While the techniques may vary, the purpose for exfoliation remains the same. To begin with, the process rids the skin's surface of dirt and oil reside, as well as rubbing off the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Secondly, it prepares the skin for any subsequent treatments.
The removal of the outer layer of skin cells enables the skin to more effectively absorb and/or react to any products that are utilized in treatments which follow the exfoliation.
Exfoliation helps to stimulate and circulate lymph fluids which, in turn,m aid in the elimination of bodily toxins.
Exfoliation is stimulating massage, and, as such, improves blood circulation.
Exfoliation affects the secretion and production of the body's natural oils. When the natural oils are depressed or clogged, a variety of skin issues arrise.
The entire body should be scrubbed on a daily basis, even if only for 5 minutes.
When scrubbing for the first time, or after a prolonged abscense, it is very important to be gentle on the skin.  Gradually the skin will develop a natural resistance to scrubbing, then more vigourous scrubbing can take place, with more pressure being applied.
Be sure to have the proper tools. For the body, which is what we are discussing (not the face), you can use a sisel mitt, a towel, a loofah sponge, a stiff brush, or even just an exfoliating soap. I make two types, one with apricot seeds, and one with sea salts.

To properly exfoliate, use the scrubber in a circular motion. Begin with the feet, ankles and legs, working on to the hands, arms, and shoulders, gradually working your way down the back, then up through the torso toward the heart. The order of exfoliation also aides in proper circulation, so be sure to follow the directions as laid out.

Use a cool water rinse after the body scrub to further promote good blood circulation throught the body. Pat the skin dry, then don't forget to mositurize. This treatments is best performed as part of your morning ritual since it is very invigorating and energizing, and it's rejuvinating too!

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