Teaching Tuesdays -Rose Water Bath

It's Tuesday and I am still in a deep freeze, still thinking of warm beaches, and am left with the {poor} substitution of a hot bath for fun in the sun. So, as I continue to hit the tub instead of the beach, I refuse to allow it to be anything less than a spectacular treat, which means that I hit the mixing room before the bath. Last night I took some dried eucalyptus, ground orange peels, and dried lavender buds, placed them into an organza bag (I prefer a natural fiber but this was a recycle situation). I then took some powdered milk and  an equal amount of powdered buttermilk, placed it in a container and to that added a few some lavender, orange x10, and some eucalyptus essential oils. I should say that I ran the powder through the sifter a few times, or, at the very least, used the mortar on it, but, alas, I did not. Lol. I am afraid that I take less care when something is for me than I do when it is for someone else! At any rate, I covered the milk powder and shook it some, then headed for the bath, where I hung the bag over the drain stopper so that the hot water would hit the bag as it filled the tub. I tossed about 3/4 of a cup of milk powder into the bathtub after the water became hot, turned on the space heater, shut the door, and left to impatiently wait while the tub filled. The fragrance that filled the air when I opened the door was awesome! I hit the tub with a book and I can't tell you when I came out! The oil combination was uplifting, reviving, relaxing, and helped my chest and nose to open, improving the congestion that I had (due to a cold). While the oils worked on my mood and my lungs, the milk was moisturizing my body. Amazingly, there was NO prune skin when I got out!

If  this sounds good to you but you don't have the ingredients, check out the Cleo's Bath Soak blend in my shop, it is very similar. While the Cleo's doesn't contain any essential oils, it does have dried herbs mixed in a milk powder. Of course, if you need an essential oil blend, I have plenty of those too!

Do you remember your Mom or your Grandmother filling the bathroom with the scent of roses when you were young? I sure do, and it is probably the reason I planted roses in my first garden, and every one since then. Back in the day, a glycerin rose water bath was the quintessential bathing experience! Admittedly, I just may not know where to look, but I can't recall seeing this product for many years. I can, however, tell you how to easily make some for yourself. Whether for a trip down memory lane, or a new experience, the glycerin rose water bath is one that you will love!

Glycerin is a wonderful moisturizer because it can actually attract moisture (from the air), drawing it to the skin. Glycerin can either be of plant origin or from animals. Guess which one I prefer? LOL! You know it's the plant type, naturally. But, actually, the plant form is more readily absorbed by human skin, so it is really the best choice. If you don't happen to have any glycerin in your cabinet, you can usually find it in the pharmacy department of the local big chain, or your pharmacy. It usually comes in an 8oz, brown, bottle, and is a clear, viscous (meaning thick) liquid. It is not very expensive, and the benefits certainly outweigh the cost.

Once you have the glycerin, simply add 4-5 drops of rose essential oil  to 8 ounces of glycerin. Shake it well and use it when you are ready. You can add the EO right to the bottle that the glycerin comes in, and then use it to store the unused portion of your glycerin rose water. It generally stays good for about seven to eight months, as long as you follow a few simple storage tips; First and foremost, you must be exceeding cautious and diligent to NOT allow ANY water to get into the bottle (the water could introduce bacteria that would turn the product rancid) and Store the bottle out of direct sunlight. That's it! Not difficult at all, and the benefits are tremendous. Not only will your skin feel baby smooth when your finished, but the moisturizing effect will continue as the glycerin reaches out and grabs that moisture and draws it to you!

At this point I am going to stop writing because I have been writing a bit about roses, which ended up taking on a life of its own. SO I didn't get this posted last night, and am still writing today! I told you before that I had a tendency to be long winded, LOL. Soooooo, I am going to save you and me both, and make the history and indications of roses the Frankly Friday post. I hope that you will return then to read all about the use of roses, I think you will be surprised by some of it!

Until then, enjoy your fragrant bath!  

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