Tripod Thursdays

A few days ago I was notified that someone was following my Twitter posts (actually this always surprises me because I haven't really ever gotten the hang of Tweeting, but I do try once in a while). Anyway, I went to see who this person was and it turns out that she lives in Destin, Florida, which is where my Son got married last Valentine's day. I dropped her a quick personal note to tell her how much I liked her city and wished I was there since we were in the middle of a snowstorm. She, in turn, wrote me and said that she was actually from a town nearby my current home, and that she actually missed the snow. Of course I told her that I was open to trading homes for the winter. Sadly, she declined, stating that it wouldn't work well for her family. Actually, she was probably just thinking that I was crazed enough to do it! Lol., but I told her that in lieu of the house exchange, I'd be happy to send her dreams of cold and snow. She immediately responded that she would be happy to send me dreams of beaches and palm trees.
Well, here are some pictures of cold and snow, especially for my new, displaced Buck
eye friend, and I have also included some pictures of beaches and palm trees for other cold-a-phobes, like me. In other words, I am hoping that these pictures contain something for everyone....and just to make sure, I included all Ohio seasons. Enjoy! Of course, I had to also include my own personal ray of sunshine, my first Grandchild, Braidon!

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