What's Happening Wednesday

Wednesday, hump day, so I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to whatever is happening. This will not always be work related, rather, whatever I happen to be up to that day.
Today, as part of my new years' goals mandate, I have been working on organizing and executing my work, in particularly for my on-line shops. To that end, I finished a new pair of earrings the other day, as well as a pre-designed, mini scrapbook. I had not, however, taken the pictures to list them yet. Since both of these items need to go into my uniqueXpression shop, they would never make it there if I didn't get down to business and get those pictures. Soooooo, as of this posting, I have 3/4 of my task completed! The pictures are all taken (of course I allowed myself to get side-tracked and uploaded several holiday pictures and organized some folders) and I have completed the listing for the scrapbook, but the earrings listing is now pushed to the top of my Thursday to do list. I am so out of practice (and maybe a bit unfocused), it seemed to take me most of the day just to complete these few things, lol! Oh well, practice should make perfect, and I expect that I will soon be cranking out the on-line work again, I have confidence....deserved or not, I guess we will soon see!
Since the pictures are all done, even though they are not yet listed, I will share them with you.
These are 19g, sterling silver w/ ball, shepherds hooks, with a Swarovski crystal-studded chandelier. They have champaign and clear crystals and are about a 1 1/2" drop. They are quite lovely, and can be easily incorporated into a more dressy outfit or just used to dress up a casual look.
This is the front of the 8"x8", pre-designed scrap book that I did. The front has a picture frame, and it contains 24 more pages for pictures (for a minimum of 25 pictures, although the framework is set for additional ones). I made each page background either a winter or a Christmas theme, so it will be perfect for anyone who just wants to paste down their holiday and winter pictures and be done with it! Hmmm, maybe I should keep this! LOL Here are some more views of the earrings, as well as all of the individual page pictures of the scrapbook. I hope you enjoy them!
So what have you been up to this Wednesday? Comment and share, maybe you will inspire us all!

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