Frankly Speaking Friday

Week one of 2011 is just about over, can you believe that? I remember when the year 2000 was almost inconceivable.....of course that statement pretty well dates me! LOL!
Here in Ohio the weather has changed again. We are now snow-covered and cold, instead of simply dreary and cold. No use complaining about it, but the cold really doesn't agree with me at all. The weather can have a great impact on our moods, and I tend to get the "I'm cold and I wanna hibernation blues" every winter. Since I can't afford to get to a beach every year, and even when I can go I have to come home long before the Spring thaw, I look to small things to keep me going and to get me through. These mini vacations for my mind, are enough to elevate my mood and soothe my soul.
First I turn on a small space heater and get the bathroom extra warm and toasty. Then I begin a very HOT bath, one that beats any commercial jacuzzi. While the bath is running I choose my soaking ingredients, depending upon my mood and my ache and pain level. When I am extremely stiff and sore, I use my "Raphael's Healing Blend" bath soak. When I need a mood elevator more than a healing touch, I use one of my Body, Mind and Soul essential oil blends. The aroma hits your nose as soon as the heat hits the oil. While I have a "winter blues" blend, I generally use, either the "Uplifting" or the "Relaxation" formula (although my BFF says I should use the "Anti-depression" one, lol).
Last night I went for a combo of both healing the aches and pains and the mental fatigue, as I used my "Healing Waters Sparkling Bath", infused with an anti-stress blend of essential oils. After I soaked for 20 minutes, while I read a novel, I used some body scrub on my heels, arms and elbows, and got rid of the dry skin. I then rinsed off, patted dry, and used some "Heel and Elbow Cream" on my heels. After that, I then immediately bundled up in a warm, fuzzy robe and headed off to bed to get under warm covers with Gizmo (my Yorkie). For a few hours I could have been at any spa, and it was almost as good as being on a beach.
No matter where you live, or what season it is, we all need to "treat" ourselves to some pampering now and again, it is so important for our physical and our spiritual health. So think about what could give you respite from your stressors, and then dedicate some quality time to yourself, you deserve it! If you need some ideas, you can read about giving yourself a home spa day here or about how to give yourself a massage (toward the bottom of the post) here.

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