What's Happening Wednesday

First,  let me apologize for the alignment of Tuesday's post. I don't know why it keeps moving the alignment of  some words, on the edit post page, it looks like it should, but then it changes. Very strange and frustrating, as  I have attempted to alter it several times and what is there is the best I can get.  I am not computer savvy enough to change things with html or whatever that is, lol! If you know what I can do, please tell me! And, if there is a line that is too confusing, just write and let me know and I will email you the proper ingredient list.

As for what's happening this Wednesday, I was working the inventory from the Christmas at the Cabin show, since last weeks storm delayed my appointment to pick it up. I am still not finished with it, as I had to take a break and go sit with my grandson, Braidon. Poor baby Braidon has his first cold, and he is quite miserable. Of course his Mommy and Daddy are probably just as miserable.  On top of being sick, his silly Dr. gave him his immunizations today. So the temperature that was 101 climbed to 103 this evening. Nanna T had to rock and sing him to sleep, then rock and sing some more, as he coughed his way to lala land repeatedly. Yep,  poor poor lil guy, poor poor sleepless parents! I remember those days all too well, even though they were quite some time ago. While I was happy to help out, since Mommy and Daddy had to go to an appointment, I really know why God lets us have our children when we are young! lol.  Now Nanna is tired, so here is a picture of Braidon on a happier day. You have to love that hair! This picture was taken when he was playing with his great Grandma, flying through the air. Hopefully he will feel better in a day or two so he can get back to flying!

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