Make It Yourself Monday - Pup Treats

Aside from the fact that we began the day at a mere two degrees, guess what?
I am beginning the new year on a wonderful note. Not only did I set my goals, as I wrote about last week, but I won a runner-up prize, a gift certificate from, for sharing those goals with the Soap Queen and her blog readers! I am so jazzed, especially since things went so off track last year. Really, I have only won something once or twice in my whole life. I just can't tell/explain to you how blessed I feel. It is so nice to have this year beginning on such a sweet note!

Okay, enough gushing and on to the Make it Yourself Monday post. Since we pampered ourselves with last weeks recipe, this week, I wanted to share the love with our four-legged, furry, barking friend(s). It is a very easy treat to make, and one that your dogs will love, mine all do! But, of course, if you don't feel like making a treat yourself, feel free to check out my Unique Treat Dog Bones shop for all natural dog treats!

Take 1 Quart of your choice of fruit juice (my dogs like pineapple)-DO NOT USE GRAPE,
add 1 mashed banana
and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt.
Mix the ingredients thoroughly, then fr
eeze in small containers. This is an enjoyable, healthy snack any time of the year, but a real special treat during the hot, summer months.

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