What's Happening Wednesday- Joining a Knitting project

What's happening this Wednesday? Well, Ohio is slowly thawing from the latest deep freeze, and I managed to get out this past Sunday afternoon to purchase some beautiful yarn. I am just fascinated by the "homespun" style of Lion brand yarn. It is soft and the colors are variegated. Oh, I guess I should start with the reason I ventured out in the first place, Lion brand yarn company is having a knit along! They first asked newsletter recipients to vote on their choice for this years project. Aside from the winning project, the sweater hoodie pictured to the left, there was a modern shrug type of sweater for women, and a womens pullover type sweater. The hoodie sweater is unisex, and is the one that I voted for. Although I am not that experienced of a knitter, it is listed as a beginner level pattern. Still, it may be more than I should take on, especially since I really don't  have anyone around to ask for help, should I need it. But, between the new on-line group that I found, Ravelry (a social site for knitters and crocheters), and all of the other people doing the sweater and following along with the Lion brand notebook posts, I am willing to  brave it, and actually, very excited to get the needles going!  So, as I said, I purchased my yarn this past Sunday afternoon. I think I am going to make this sweater for myself, but I may make it a gift, I am just not decided yet. Either way, it is going to be for a female. I chose the Homespun color called Tudor, which is a creamy base, with spurts of muted greens, rose pink, and grays, with dollops of a vibrant turquoise and purple (but for some reason 2 of the skeins have less color than the others, even though they all have the same number?).

Don't you think this will make a gorgeous sweater?

For buttons, I chose some antiqued silver colored Celtic knots.  I almost got some wooden flowers that I loved, but in the end I felt that the Celtic knot ones were a bit more dressy and elevated the sweater.....if I can make it well, that is! lol.    

                                                      I made my Mother a prayer shawl for Christmas, and it too was made with the homespun yarn. It was done with the color nouveau. I am not sure if you can see all of the colors in this photo, but it is truly gorgeous. The picture doesn't even show the true dark brown of the shawl, but you at least get the idea of the multiple colors. While I am not generally a "brown" type of person, the brown background really shows off the additional colors so well (in person anyway). I see turquoise, teal, blue, green, yellow and gold amidst the brown. It actually is quite stunning, if I do say so myself. Of course I was proud of it because I made it, but mostly because I was so worried that it would turn out looking just "plain". You see, this wasn't made with the fancy pattern that I originally chose. I couldn't seem to get the pattern down as it was a little lacy, and I kept missing stitches. I think...or rather I have decided to blame it on the texture of the yarn. At any rate, for whatever reason, I wasn't getting it consistently right, so I switched to a plain garter stitch pattern. Of course it took me extra time to do the garter stitch one because I got so bored, so easily. I could only do a few rows at a time before the boredom set in, but it did keep me busy during some terrible times, and through lots of waiting at  appointments and such. So actually, I guess it all worked out well, otherwise I may have whizzed through it, and had nothing to occupy me when I needed it!  When I finished it, I really had a hard time wrapping it up. The colors were just so beautiful.

I am also using the homespun color of "windsor" to do some scarfs now, so I have a shorter project to go along with the longer one.  Windsor is a combination of beautiful blues, lavender, green and teals, and almost became my sweater. I actually purchased this skein a few weeks ago, and I love it, but ultimately I chose the other because it was different. I like different! Oh, and can you tell that I really like the homespun  yarn line?  If you knit or crochet, and are unfamiliar with it, take a look the next time you need some yarn, you just may find a color combination meant for you! But try to find it in the store because the pictures on the link just don't do it justice in my opinion (not to mention that I paid less for what I got from that big store....sorry LB!).

Of course, in keeping with my Craftor's ADHD, besides the knitted scarf, I am also working on some scrap book pages, a new Unique Garden Essences product, taking photographs of products for uniqueXpression listings which need to go on the net, as well as a whole list of other boring things, such as revamping shop policies and old pictures, completing inventory, and cleaning up the crafting spaces. As you can see, I have not only have plenty going on this Wednesday, but enough to last several Wednesdays!  So what are you up to?

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