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I love to take photos, and take thousands, so I would love to share some with you...don't worry it wont be more than a few hundred, lol. Now that I think of it, I guess that I should have saved the pictures from yesterday for today, oh well, as I said, I have plenty! I thought it might be interesting to offer to include some of your photos at times, so feel free to let me know if you one or two that you would like to contribute (all copyrights remain the sole property of the contributor and by their submission, they represent that the work is their intellectual property).
I live in Ohio, referred to as the Buckeye state. We have four seasons and weather that changes frequently. Everyone says [that] "if you don't like the weather here, stick around it will change!" And change it does. To help you understand, we had snow on the ground for Christmas, and temperatures down in the single digits. By new years eve we had no snow and temperatures in the 50's! Of course, now it is back down in the 20's. It has snowed a tad, but did not stick, so it is just dreary and cold! The only time I like winter is for Christmas, then I hate the cold and the grey of it all. I can't wait until spring when it will be muddy but colorful again!
The pictures today are all Ohio scenery. I love nature and nature's palate is my favorite photo opportunity, which drives my Mother crazy. She is all for pictures with someone you know in them, so she says "wait, wait, til I get over there" and I am quickly shooting or saying, "move, I want to get that great flower or tree-line, or whatever", lol! As a matter of fact, several people have suggested that I sell some of my (scenery) photographs. That may turn out to be part of my new listing goals, I haven't quite decided. At any rate, I do have about two thousand pictures of my Grandson already, so I take my fair share of people shots too, I just truly love nature shots, they move me!


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Thank you! I love nature shots and Ohio has some pretty scenery!