What's Happening Wednesday

Today I was supposed to be am completing an inventory list and storing products, as yesterday I was supposed to have picked up my check and items that didn't sell at the Christmas at the Cabin. But I didn't make it because we got hit with a snow storm! It snowed all day yesterday and much of today! Everything is closed and it doesn't look as though anything will be melting anytime soon. You may think that a little snow shouldn't keep anyone inside, but you probably don't live in the boonies! LOL! The cabin sits back in a field, up an old country lane, off a windy, barely one lane, country road. Needless to say, I was warned not to attempt the drive.
The cabin is a very interesting venue, an unique consignment shop that opens during the Fall Festival of the Leaves (mid October, Bainbridge, Ohio) and continues until almost Christmas.
The really cool thing about its' story is that it was built by a man who turned 100 yrs. old while he was building the cabin. Since he had never learned to read or write, he used a notched stick to measure, and built the cabin just like they did in covered wagon days, as his Daddy had taught him. The current owner was a small child when the cabin was built (her Father had it built) and she actually lived there for some time when she grew up and got married.
For about thirty-five years now, the owner has been accepting various crafts from Artisans all across the country, opening the cabin for this prolonged craft show each holiday season. When I was first accepted (it is a one-woman jury, if the owner likes your products, you're in) tiki torches even lit the lane for Christmas eve shopping. Although they now close the week before Christmas, there is still plenty of time for people to make their annual shopping pilgrimage. And come they do, from all over the state, and many even come from neighboring states.
The thing that I like best about being a vendor there is that I simply drop off my products and then come the beginning of January, I return and pick up what's left, along with a check. It certainly beats the packing the car, hauling in totes, working all day, re-packing and hauling totes, driving home, and unpacking the totes routine of a regular craft show!
So here I am, looking out the window at the snow instead of unpacking and checking my inventory. Of course, delaying the inevitable does only that...delays it. In a day or two I will still have to unpack and check inventory. Then I will pack the distinctly Christmas items away for next season, and add to that box as the summer progresses. I generally make holiday things all year long. In fact, I always make my melting snowmen, in a production style manner, during July or August. It's about that time that I begin despising the hot, humid summer temperatures,and long for the cool of Fall and Winter. So What's Happening this Wednesday is not much of anything, except daydreaming about warm waters, sunshine and palm trees! Of course they say that the grass is always greener...., but that's my point, I wanna see GREEN grass! LOL!

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